Top Porn Categories User Search For

Top Porn Categories User search for

The porn categories available on the web are numerous. Users who want to view sex pics online can find all types of images, videos and sex GIFS. These days, there seems to be new categories added to the porn world. Some of them are born out of hashtags or terms heard on TV or film. One such example is the MILF and cougar category. The MILF and cougar refer to sex pics of mature women that are sexy and hot. The acronym MILF began as a saying from a movie and turned into an internet sensation. Today, MILF is one of the most searched for terms in the world. Cougars on the other hand, are mature women who prey on younger males. Although not as popular as MILFs, the cougar term still garnishes quite a few searches.

Overall, there are dozens of terms and genres individuals search for on the web. To gain a better understanding of which ones are the most popular, user data is collected. Sites such PornHub and search engines like Google help provide a better picture into what people are looking for when it comes to porn. One of the reasons PornHub is used to measure these statistics is based on the site’s popularity. According to stats, PornHub had over 23 billion visits in 2016. Those people who visited the site spent more than 4.5 billion hours watching porn. In addition, they viewed porn videos for a grand total of 92 billion hours.

The statistics are alarming and shocking. It demonstrates just how powerful the adult page is when it comes to the internet and porn. Below, are some of the most popular searches and categories by users based on those stats.

MILF Mature porn gifs have become a part of most people’s fantasies. It is why the term finds itself at the top of the most searched for porn categories. MILFS or cougars are hot and erotic and everyone seems to want to fuck one. If not physically, then at least they can do so via viewing MILF sex pics and MILF animated sex GIFS.

Japanese Yes, viewers love milf porn GIFS images of Japanese women. And how could they not when Japanese sex pics contain images of some of the most beautiful and hottest women ever. The sex GIFS of Japanese girls typically show them with big tits and hot bodies. Some of them also show them getting their pretty faces jizzed via cumshots.

Lesbian – Whether it is searched by men or women, lesbian sex pictures, lesbian sex GIFS and lesbian porn is a favorite. Even heterosexual males enjoy sex images of lesbian scissoring and licking each other. Women typically search for lesbian seduces straight sex GIFS images, sex pics and videos. Men on the other hand, simply want to see two hot women either licking the other or fucking together.

Hentai – No one really expected adult cartoons to become so popular. But the hentai sex pics and hentai sex GIFS images are widely searched for and viewed by many. The popularity is due to the sizzling hot sex scenes depicted in the hentai sex pics and porn GIFS. Plus, the girls drawn have amazing tits, hot bodies and great pussies.

Black and Ebony – While women search for ebony porn GIFS and sex pics, men search for ebony girls. In all, the ebony and black category are very popular among people who want to see mix sexual situations. It could be a beautiful white girl getting fucked by a black guy with a huge cock. In other cases, guys want to see an ebony girl with big tits and a great ass get pummeled.

Step Mom and Step Sister – These two search terms raised a lot of eyebrows when people saw how popular they are. But the truth is that they can be related to the MILF category. After all, many kids around the world have a hot step mom who is a MILF. On the other hand, they may have a step sister they want to fuck. Or at least they fantasize about having sex with her.

BBW (Big Beautiful Women) – According to the searches, users want to see sex pics and porn GIF images of big beautiful women or BBW. Many of the BBW sex pictures found on the web are titillating. They show large women with huge tits and great asses. Most of them have gorgeous faces as well.

Cumshot – No matter how you have sex or with whom, the end result is ejaculating. Users love to see cumshot sex pics and cumshot animated porn GIFS. Some of them typically show men dropping their semen on a beautiful girl’s face. Other cumshot sex pics or GIFS show the cumshots on their bodies. Jizzing sex GIFS are something that deliver what porn is all about; coming.