A-list Celebrities who have gone nude

Be it for an album cover, a magazine shoot or a night/day at a lovely beach, there are celebrities who bravely shred their clothes and pose naked. The following celebrities literally don’t care what other people think as they left their clothes in their dressing room;

Angelina Jolie

Who would have thought that Angelina Jolie, one of the most sought-after actresses and renowned humanitarians, have gone nude before? You’ve heard that right. She went topless in Gia and Original Sin.

Tom Cruise

Did you just blink your eyes after reading his name in this rundown? Believe it or not, he belongs here. When you already watch the All the Right Moves, he has a sex scene there. Pause it correctly so you can have a glimpse of his buddy down there. Come to think of it, after several years, that ‘friend’ will tell you so much about Katie Holmes and his other exes.

Sylvester Stallone

The first big break of Syl Stallone was entitled as The Party at Kitty and Studs. While most of the film is already lost to time, a less sexy version known as the Italian Stallion was later edited along with the successful movie Rocky.

Selena Gomez

This young woman went a huge transformation last 2015, which was mainly represented by Revival. Selena stripped her clothes for the sake of album cover. Later, she stated that she was actually wearing cut-off shorts to let us believe that she’s nude.  It’s a good trick, indeed.

David Walliams

During the early noughties, Little Britain show became more outrageous. Thus, Matt Lucas and David Walliams decided to use their comedian side to pull something unique. And guess what? David stripped completely nude every night in order to packed theatres. This created a ‘mangina’ effect along with a little creative tucking in a sketch session.

Kim Kardashian

Undoubtedly, Kim K has a spot on this rundown. As a matter of fact, she went down lots of times already. Say for instance, a nude photo shoot for Love magazine where he wears nothing on a bare mattress. Additionally, she also posed nude when she was pregnant last 2015 to make her bashers silent. They all thought that she was just counterfeiting her pregnancy.

Demi Lovato

Let’s give Vanity Fair a credit for making Demi take off her clothes for the very first time. Everyone should be aware that in this photo shoot, Lovato doesn’t wear any make-up. She prefers it that way to prove that she’s comfy in her own self. If such act isn’t confident, then you’re probably describing another word.

John Legend

Lastly, the musician’s bare backside earned a spot on this list. Her wife, ChrissyTeigen posted his nude photo to Instagram.


Don’t freak out. There are still lots of nude scenes to anticipate from these celebrities.  Some may fully embrace their nudity, others are ashamed. Some just laugh at what they did, others insist they do it for a purpose. Regardless, we have seen everything — including their naked body!





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